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Many property owners today recognize the value of having a landscaped front yard, but not everyone can keep up with the maintenance required to maintain the landscape’s beauty and health. If you’re in a similar situation, don’t let your plants suffer; hire a lawn care professional like Mavericks Property Maintenance LTD to look after your yard. Do you want to know what I have to offer? The following are the services I can provide for you:

I Specialize In

Trimming Services

Trimming Services
Do your trees, shrubs, and grass need to be trimmed? Then delegate the job to me! So that the health of your plants is not jeopardized, I will cut them at the appropriate season and use the proper technique, such as the three-cut or mowing method. This will keep the lawn looking good and reduce the risk of disease.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing
Proper mowing techniques are critical to the health of your lawn. Did you know that mowing the property is beneficial to its health? You are trimming the oldest section of grass because it grows from the bottom up. Call me if you need an efficient lawn mowing service!

Lawn Mulching

Lawn Mulching
I can make your landscape more appealing with decorative inorganic mulch or add more nutrients to the soil for healthier plant growth with organic mulch. I use effective and efficient mulching techniques while taking care not to suffocate the roots.

Weed Control

Weed Control
If there is one word to describe lawn weeds, it is tenacious. Weeds are tough, and they are happy to keep trying to take over lawns. I take great pride in providing lawn weed control solutions! I can handle the job with both proactive and reactive control treatments!

Sod Installation

Sod Installation
If your lawn appears dead and without growth, it may be time to remove it and replace it with new sod. Typically, grass dies due to a lack of water, lawn care, or nutrition. I can restore your lawn via sod installation on your property. Finally, I can create a yard that is simple to maintain.

Plant Seeding

Plant Seeding
Seeding your lawn may appear to be a simple task. Why should you pay a professional to do something you can do yourself? You may be unfamiliar with the plants that thrive in the area or during a specific season. Give me a call if you need effective plant-seeding solutions!

Lawn Irrigation

Lawn Irrigation
Lawn irrigation systems can remove the guesswork from watering by providing the best water-use balance for your landscape. As part of your overall landscape design, I offer irrigation services as a full-service company. My lawn and garden irrigation is unparalleled, so leave it to me!

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilizing
I'm not joking when I say fertilizing your lawn should be your top priority. The most important step in achieving healthy turfgrass is fertilizing the lawn. A lawn with nutrient-rich soil will have an easier time recovering from environmental stresses and will grow fewer weeds.

Is Hiring a Professional Necessary?

While not required, a professional lawn service in Orillia, ON is far more beneficial. You will not need to learn how to care for your trees, such as the proper way and tools to use when trimming. This may take more time, and there is also the risk of making mistakes that will harm the condition of the features in your landscape. Most importantly, if you’re a busy property owner, hiring a professional will relieve you of worrying about who will look after it. A dedicated and experienced professional like Mavericks Property Maintenance LTD will care for your landscape.

What To Expect

For all my lawn services, I only use top-of-the-line products. Moreover, cutting-edge tools and advanced equipment are used in various tasks, such as trimming, lawn mowing, and fertilizing. I ensure that the health of your trees and other plants are not jeopardized. No need to be concerned; your satisfaction is always my top priority. Try my services today to see how you can benefit from quality landscaping solutions. I can be reached by phone!

More Than One Area

I have listened to my client’s requests and expanded my reach in response to the increasing demand for my services. I serve residents not only in Orillia, ON but also in the surrounding cities. So check below to see if your home is within my service area:

  • Ramara,¬†ON
  • Springwater, ON
  • Penetanguishene, ON

Have you still not found a dependable residential landscaper in the area to assist you? Contact me now!

Client Testimonials

by Sophia M. Foster on Mavericks Property Maintenance LTD
Love the Outcome

When it comes to lawn care, this lawn mowing service is top-notch. He maintains my lawn with precision and efficiency. The attention to detail and professionalism he displays ensure a well-manicured yard that I'm proud of.

Mavericks Property Maintenance LTD
Orillia, ON L3V 6H2
Phone: (226) 785-4874

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